About Making Space

My desk always looks like the one in the photo. Sometimes much worse but it’s something I have adapted to and accept.

Adapting is something I do well. Resilient, I am.

This site is about my life After Cancer took the life of my husband. It’s about how the last minutes that turned to seconds of his life spun me to a new reality. The After Life, in a sense. There is a time Before and I’m certain some of that will come through here too.

Making Space came about through my Yoga practice. With three years of consistent Yoga I could visualize my body making space for daily stress, things that bothered me, things I needed to accept that I can’t change. This is hard to do for the most resilient person. We all need a little help now and then, I believe. I have more to say about that in the next post.

Please keep reading, follow my blog. Comments are welcome.