eBayer’s think outside of the box

I’m listening to The Essential Billy Joel as I write, love him and his music. He takes me back to carefree days years ago when Glass Houses was the pick I chose in my car cassette player. Remember those days? How cool it was to have a cassette player in the car, not just a radio. My how things have changed!

First, I will summarize briefly how I got here, to now, and how I will go forward. With the passing of my husband and best friend four months ago, I am coping with many changes and trying to adapt myself to new routines, new thinking.

I have a strong entrepreneurial sense. I think  everything that has gone “wrong” in the past has made me stronger to face a future that is mine, not anyone else’s. Those that I am most compatible with and attracted to have a similar sense of themselves as the captain of their ship.

To that end, I have to give a big shout out to the brave souls who have succeeded in the hot seat of eBay.

Not everyone has a favorable impression of eBay, although I believe it’s more favorable than in the past. eBay has come a long way. I first tried it in 2007 for about a year. That was the year of my online learning curve. I learned hard and fast and today I am reaping the benefit of knowledge and experience with other Re-Sellers.

Today there is so much help via video’s, self-made and eBay made, plus support groups to help with that learning curve everyone experiences when first using or selling on eBay.

Due to my circumstances, I am able to spend a good deal of time on eBay, as well as studying it and trying different ideas in the area of reselling.

One value I hold dear is that America needs more jobs and better paying jobs in this economy. I don’t want to digress into politics so I am simply stating this as a truth. America needs more jobs. Americans ought to be job creators for themselves as much as possible.

Finally, I will ask that you take a fresh look at eBay as a place to shop and support Americans, heck, support the worldwide economy really because eBay is worldwide. From the smallest of sellers to the greatest of power sellers, the rules of retail apply in terms of customer service and inventory to meet supply and demand. As a consumer, you have multiple choices in who to do business with. You decide as you look  at the listings for the best item, the best price, who will be the best service provider. You take these same values with you every time you go to the mall.

Is there a dark side to eBay? Probably there is. People who are less than reputable trying to make a quick buck. I don’t represent them. Sellers that I do business with do not represent them. I think that’s part of what makes it great. It’s a virtual community of real people with a real passion for independence and hard work.

If you have any questions about eBay, any at all, please ask me in the comments section. I promise to respond within a day or two. Also tell me if you would like more posts about my experience on eBay. Please Like and Share.


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